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Project Overview

The project: an animated introduction for blog insights on the Dataprovider's website. Dataprovider also wanted to create video's in combination with their articles. The animated intro plays a crucial role in capturing the audience's attention, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube.

Illustration styleframe for a motion design project, depicting modern buildings where data is poured into.

Concept A

Storyboard for a motion design project for dataprovider the yellow submarine

Styleframe concept for a motion design project. Depicting a submarine that travels through data underwater.

Concept B

Concept B employs a vibrant illustrative style that immediately catches the eye with brighter foreground colors. It immerses the audience in an underwater world, featuring swimming sea creatures and bubbles. The addition of a blur effect to the foreground elements adds depth to the animation. By blending data and underwater life, this concept achieves a playful and creative tone. The submarine is depicted as submerged within the data, and the logo has been adapted to suit the illustrative style while maintaining its core elements.

Motion Design Styleframe Illustration depicting a yellow submarine underwater surrounded by data.
Motion Design Storyboard for Dataprovider.
Motion Design Storyboard for Dataprovider.


Produced by Amanda Motion
Animation video in collaboration with Dataprovider

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