Illustration & Animation
Client Work

Project Overview

Animation video in collaboration with the amazing team at Devion.

Concept A.

Final Concept.

The style was a hit! Some additional changes where made to the first styleframe. They preferred having emoticons instead of characters in the video, easier to animate and adding a fun connection with students, since they are very familiar with emoticons. This style carried throughout a lot of video's that where made for the client.


When I don't need to draw a sketched storyboard I always create a few thumbnail sketches in order to get a good flow in the storyline.

Storyboard Illustrations

These are some finished vector illustrations from illustrator.


Produced by Devion
Animation video in collaboration with Devion.

Concept: Devion
Script & Voice Over:
Visual Design: Amanda Motion
Animation: Amanda Motion
Client: Confidential Client

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